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AOS-S: Transceiver information

To display detailed interface transceiver diagnostic information, issue the following command:

(host) #show interface gigabitethernet 0/1/1 transceiver detail

To display detailed stacking interface transceiver diagnostic information, issue the following command:

(host) #show stacking interface stack 0/1 transceiver detail

To display basic transceiver information, issue the following command:

(host) #show interface transceiver brief 
#or... for a summary
#show tech transceivers

ArubaOS and Aruba SD-Branch Gateway: Packet Capturing on the Gateway’s CLI

packet-capture controlpath udp all
packet-capture copy-to-flash controlpath-pcap

To Download

copy flash: <filename> tftp: <host> <destfilename>

To turn off

no packet-capture

To send to remote client with Wireshark. Make sure windows firewall is turned off.

Once the destination is set, the pcap will be streamed to the destination IP. Its assumed the client IP has permissions to receive traffic from the VLAN.

#get client mac
show user
#check if pcap is running
show packet-capture
#reset packet capture buffer
packet-capture reset-pcap datapath-pcap
#set target client
packet-capture datapath mac <clientmac addr> all
#set destination for pcap stream
packet-capture destination ip-address <client ip address>

Aruba Instant: IAP Packet Capture or Pcap

Get the BSSID first, part of pcap start command.

show ap monitor status

Start Pcap. @IPofcomputer is the ip address of the client that’s receiving the pcap stream.

pcap start BSSID @IPofcomputer UDPPort format size

Get pcap status

show pcap status

Stop pcap

pcap stop <bssid> <id>


AOS-Switch PCAP with a SPAN port

Create “mirror” and interface to be used as the “SPAN” port or port used for packet capture. In this case port 8 will be used to receive packet captures

mirror 1 port 8

Mark ports to be monitored by SPAN port. Traffic from these ports will copied to the SPAN port for capture. In this example, interface or Ethernet port 1 will duplicate its traffic to the “mirror” or span port 1.

interface 1
monitor all both mirror 1

Connect a laptop to interface 8 on the switch and use wire shark or your PCAP client of choice to analyze traffic.