Removing Graffiti on my Car

The other day somebody in the neighborhood dribbled touch up paint all over my car. Judging from a bottle of paint that was left near the crime scene, I think it’s lacquer-based. After pondering what to do, I consulted Google and ran into this post. It explained that I should use something called Goof-Off for removing the offending paint. This stuff really does work, however, it takes quite a bit of elbow grease to get the paint off.

At first I used Q-tips to remove the splotches of paint, but I found that it was easier to just use a soft paper towel. It took about 2.5 hours to remove all the dribbles and spots. The only word of caution I can offer to anyone out there when using ‘Goof-off’ is to take it easy on the pin stripes. This stuff is powerful enough to take the stripes off (which is bad), but not powerful enough to get through the clear coat (which is good).

After 2.5 hours of rubbing and cleaning, the paint was taken off without any problems.

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