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Microsoft Service Fabric – Setting up a Linux Environment

Service Fabric was officially released about a year ago with the promise that it would be ported to Linux. The first Linux port, which is a preview, is out. You can find the directions on getting it up and running here.

I was able to setup Service Fabric using Ubuntu Server 16.01 LTS running on Virtual Box. A few notes about this Service Fabric release:

  • Allocate plenty of disk space. Running the service fabric cluster and installing everything (Azure CLI, Service Fabric SDK, Cluster Manager, OS) is 6.7 GB on my main user partition.
  • Starting the server cluster does take awhile, about 4-5 minutes on my machine. You have to wait a few minutes after the script finishes setting up.
  • The Yeoman Generator seen in the demo, azuresfcsharp, is in the Service Fabric SDK.