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Upgrading ArubaOS from a USB port

If you have a small (less than 8 GB) USB drive available, upgrading AOS can be done via the USB port on a wireless controller. For the USB’s file system, FAT32 is an option for Windows users.

After booting into CPBoot (the second boot prompt)

#start the usb port

usb start 1

#check if usb port is reading

usb dev
# to check if the file system is readable..
dir 1
# ex. upgrade command
upgrade 0:0 1:1 Arubaimage/ArubaOS_72xx_6.4.4.4_53338


Reference: Airheads How To Upgrade a controller through the USB Port

Upgrade Mobility Controller / ArubaOS from the CLI

It’s not completely obvious that upgrading the partition means upgrading the OS on the controller. Use this if the Web UI gives you an error about running out of space.

To upgrade partition 0 in enable mode:

copy tftp: <IP ADDRESSS> <FILENAME> system: partition 0


copy tftp: A800_3.4.2.4_23915 system: partition 0

Other useful commands


show storage

show memory

Airheads Thread

HP 2530 Pro Curve Switch – Exporting and Importing Switch Configuration via SFTP

Import Switch Configuration

copy sftp startup-config user <username> <IP Address> <Path to File>


copy sftp startup-config user alexkuo /var/home/alexkuo/switch-import.cfg

Export Switch Configuration

copy running-config sftp user <username> <IP Address> <Path to File>


copy running-config sftp user alexkuo /var/home/alexkuo/switch-exported.cfg

Aruba IAP 4.1.X – Setting up the Guest PreAuth Role in ClearPass 6.5 and Instant

When setting up the guest network between an IAP with ClearPass, the older guides direct the user to setup a PreAuth role for guest and deny all traffic.

It’s assumed a firewall exception or something similar is automatically put into the IAP firewall rules to let the IAP, client, and the ClearPass server communicate, but this isn’t the case currently. In addition to denying traffic to all servers, you need to add additional rules to let the client communicate with ClearPass AND the IAP – or else radius requests will fail.

The PreAuth role looks similar to the following:


  • is the IAP’s Virtual Controller
  • is the ClearPass server