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Windows 7 Task Scheduler does not run with “Run whether user is logged on or not” selected

I didn’t have this issue until I patched my installation with the latest updates.

You need to set the user to SYSTEM for your tasks, set privileges to highest, and then create the Desktop directory in the SYSTEM’s profile directory. The following directories need to be created:


Make sure the directories are created under the Administrator account. I also read this problem exists under Windows 2008 Server, but I have yet to encounter this issue in that environment.

Source (last 3 posts by BlackBeemer)

Backing up Firefox and Thunderbird with AutoIt and Mozbackup

I’ve found the easiest way to backup Firefox and Thunderbird is through the use of AutoIt scripts and Mozbackup. After installing the programs, do the following:

Add the mozbackup installation directory to your system Path variable. This is so mozbackup can run from the command line in any directory.

Create your mozbackup profile files. They may look similar to this:

output=X:\Alexs_Email_BAK\<application> <version> - <year>-<month>-<day>.pcv

Create your auto it scripts. They may look similar to this:

If ProcessExists("thunderbird.exe") Then ; Check if the thunderbird process is running.

Local $iPid = ProcessExists("thunderbird.exe")



if ProcessExists("thunderbird.exe") = False Then
    RunWait("mozbackup F:\Bakscripts\mozprofile\tbird.mozprofile")

Compile your autoit scripts into executables and add them to your task scheduler.