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Setup VSF on a ArubaOS Switch

This will setup a Virtual Switch Fabric or VSF on two switches that support this feature. Tested on a two 2930F 8 port. Switches are named Core-1 and Core-2

#on Core-1...

config t

#disable all interfaces
interface 1-10 disable

#set port 8 as primary vsf uplink
vsf member 1 link 1 8

#specify vsf domain
vsf enable domain 1

#reload the switch, after reboot check vsf status
show vsf
show vsf link
show vsf member 1

#on Core-2 get mac address and model
show system

#provision core-2 as standby... all commands still done on Core-1.. #aka commander. Switch type is model number

vsf member 2 type <switch type> 
module 2 type <switch-type> mac-address <macaddress>

#on Core-2...
#disable all interfaces on core-2,except uplink to core-1 -> core-2
config t
interface 1-7,9,10 disable

#erase config and reload Core-2 after plugging in uplink to both switches 
erase-startup config