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Angelo’s BBQ in Ft. Worth

It’s hard to find decent BBQ, especially in larges cities. Dallas, TX has its share of franchise BBQ restaurants. If you’ve lived in any of the surrounding DFW areas for a few months, places like ‘Sonny Bryans’, ‘Spring Creek BBQ’, and ‘Dickey’s BBQ Pit’ can be found easily. Each place has its own specials and caters towards a specific taste, however, I think they all fail to capture BBQ that’s comparable to what you find at cook offs at rodeos or competitions in the locale. I thought this would be a problem that would never be solved, until recently.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to dine in at Angelo’s BBQ in Ft. Worth. Don’t let the location or the decor of the restaurant fool you, the food in this place is extremely good. I got to try the beef brisket and the chopped beef, both were tasty and extremely tender. A quality that seems to have all but disappeared in all the franchise restaurants I’ve stepped into so far.

No place is perfect though. The place could use some fresh decor and maybe upgrade the serving ware from styrofoam to dishes.  I also advise to get there before nightfall. The location isn’t exactly in the most tourist friendly area. The restaurant location is near an industrial area, so I’m not sure how safe it is in the evenings.

Pricing isn’t bad for what you get, expect to pay around $10 for a dinner platter or $5 for a sandwich. Alcohol is also served there.

All in all, if you’re looking for BBQ that doesn’t taste dry or like it was reheated after being stored in the freezer, I recommend trying Angelo’s BBQ.