Review: Petrus Lounge

Petreus Entrance
Petreus Patio
Petreus Lounge
Petreus Patio

Petrus Lounge

1217 Main St.
Dallas, TX 75202

Dress Upscale. ‘Schwanky’. Men were wearing nice shirts and pants with dress shoes. Ladies were dressed in skirts, cocktail dresses, nice top / jeans.
Atmosphere More of a place to go out with friends and relax. First floor has a bar and couches. Rooftop has a well lit patio and a view of the downtown skyline.
Crowd Very trendy and fairly mixed. I didn’t see any ghetto thugging that night. The average age was early-20s to early 30s. Sex ratio was about 60% guys, 40% girls.
Parking Valet at the front. Parking lot about half a block down the street is five dollars.
Prices $8-10 per drink. No cover charge.

Petrus Lounge is located in downtown off of Main St., about 3 blocks from Nieman Marcus or right by that gigantic high rise with green neon lights running down the sides. The lounge takes up the 4th floor and 5th floors (roof). If you have been to Fusion before, this club will remind you of some similarities – with the exception that it feels more crowded due to the smaller space. As I was walking in, I was greeted by some gorgeous women. This seemed to be the reoccurring theme the entire night.  After meeting some friends, we decided to move from the VIP booths in the lounge area to a table on the patio. Overall, the table on the patio level is a lot nicer than the booth. When you walk out, a view of the downtown skyline and a nicely lit atmosphere greets you. Compared to the lower level, it feels a lot more open.

The Good

Aside from the superb atmosphere and view, the service was fairly good for a Saturday night. Drinks weren’t watered down and the bar tenders were pretty quick for a crowded night.

The Bad

I know clubs and bars can get crowded quickly on Saturday nights. Petrus Lounge was no exception. At around midnight, the patio area was packed. Strangely though, the lounge area was pretty much half-empty. Turns out everyone just got drinks in the lounge area and then went upstairs. Aside from the crowded conditions, the music could use some improvement and the dance area, while cool because it sits on top of a fountain area, could use more space.


If you’re looking for a place to spend time with friends for a relaxing night and maybe meet new ones, I highly recommend it. However, if you’re looking for a dance club, a place to blow off some steam, or go on a bender, I recommend you go somewhere else. At least the night I went, the crowd was low key.

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