My Weekend in a Nutshell: Seeing Downtown, Amazon S3 + .NET, and More Fun on PostgreSQL

Downtown Dallas Last week was pretty dull. As you can tell from my posts, its been dominated with the migration over to Linux. Eventually, I want to port this blog over to an open source platform. I’ve looked at a few and some of them have been fairly impressive. WordPress, Snurf, and b2Evolution are some of the candidates I’ve been considering.

On Saturday, I decided to visit some friends in downtown. I ended up at a bar called Petrus. You can check out what I thought about the place here.

Sunday I decided to take a break off of O.S.S. programming and look at some good old fashion .NET programming. The problem I was contending with that day was a lack of a Windows Client for Amazon’s S3 Storage Service. After doing a quick scan through Google, Codeplex, and Sourceforge, I did not find any free programs for interacting with this service. In response, I decided to whip up an interface. Admittedly, the interface is in rough shape right now. I just wanted to get something up quick and working. Before I release it into the wild, I’m going to clean up the interface a little bit. By clean, I mean move a few labels around. (what’d you expect? Its free.) This will be released by the end of the week – source code and the installer.

On a different note, today I had to learn about arrays in PostgreSQL. I needed to figure out how to do batch updates without the use of delimited strings. An article has been posted about this topic.

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*Update* 5/29/07

Source and Installer for the Windows Client has been uploaded. Please refer to the links below:

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